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The Nightingale Chronicles Box Set

For Want of a Penny is the first part of a four book Victorian saga –The Nightingale Chronicles is set in 1840s Colchester and the east end of London. A family tragedy means Sarah is forced to go into service at Grey Friars House as an under nursery-maid. Meanwhile her younger brother Alfie, to avoid being taken into the workhouse, runs away to London to seek his fortune.

Although the situation wasn’t of her making Sarah thrives, but just as she is becoming established in the household her past returns to shatter her happy life and she is dismissed without references.

Alfie arrives in London but is tricked and sold to work as a slave on a coal barge. However, eventually he prospers and begins to make himself a better life.


Count Your Blessings (previously entitled One Good Turn) is the second part of The Nightingale Chronicles. Sarah Nightingale is a strong young woman who keeps her head high and faces every new adversity with courage. Dan Cooper, a happily married man with three children, comes to her aid. When he offers her a position taking care of his children, and helping his poorly wife, she jumps at the chance. Life is looking up for Sarah.

Meanwhile her brother Alfie is also prospering in London until a personal tragedy makes him rethink his plans to stay there. He decides to take his hard-earned wealth and go home to look for his sister. He can offer her a comfortable life – but will she want to come with him or remain where she is?


Better Bend Than Break is the third book in The Nightingale Chronicles, a series of four, Victorian family sagas. Sarah Nightingale marries Dan Cooper and becomes mother to his three boys. They move to a fine house of their own and Sarah has never been happier. Alfie Nightingale is obliged to do the right thing by Sarah's friend Betty, so now there will be two babies in the family. Then one disaster follows another and Sarah and Alfie have dreadful choices to make if they and their families are to survive.


All's Well That Ends Well is the final book in The Nightingale Chronicles

Sarah Cooper and Alfie Nightingale will have to endure a deal of heartbreak and danger over the next two years to reach their happy ever after. Sarah becomes betrothed to Robert Billings and moves her family back to Colchester, and Alfie leaves to be a policeman in London. Somehow Sarah must hold the family together and pray that her man will come back to her. Alfie has a life changing decision to make but will he make the right one for himself and the family that he has abandoned?

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