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Fenella's Diary


April 2 017

I am still suffering from my neck problems but I think I'm just going to be resigned to the fact that as one gets older more things hurt. The garden is beginning to look pretty again – the tulips are almost in bloom and so is the camellia. The lawn has had its first cut and that makes a big difference too. Next month I shall buy my bedding plants and then get the guy in to help me plant eleven hanging baskets and fourteen tubs. I really enjoy watering every night even though I don't spend a lot of time sitting in the garden.

An Unconventional Bride – the third book in the Duke's Alliance series – is selling well but has failed to become a bestseller as the other two did, which is rather disappointing. I'm now writing the fourth book – Giselle's story – which will be released in the autumn.

At the moment I'm busy with a lot of promotional and marketing work for the first book in the new Ellen's War series – Blue Skies and Tiger Moths. This is on preorder but as it's a pound more expensive than my other books I don't expect to do as well with sales initially. I price my books according to length and this one is the longest book so it is the most expensive. It will be released on the 26th April.

The third book in the Nightingale Chronicles, Better Bend Than Break, is finished and waiting to go to my editor. Then it has to be proofread and will be on preorder in June. The other two books in this series about Sarah and Alfie are my best sellers so I'm hoping this next book will be popular as well.

From now on all the books I put in the Regency Romantics box sets will be new books – I'm deliberately keeping back a book I was going to release next month put in the summer box. I always write the new title for the winter box set. The six of us are getting together for a biannual chat and lunch in London this month and I can't wait.

Putting the clocks forward and hour means it's not light until  6. am  doesn't get dark until  7.30 – will be light when I go to bed soon. Happy days.

I hope you all have an enjoyable month and that's all from me.

Fenella J MIller