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Fenella's Diary



July 1st 2020


Things have improved slightly as I'm now allowed to have my son, daughter-in-law and grandson in the house – although my son refuses to come in in case he might be infected. He's the one who goes out to Tesco's to shop every week.

Finally, my old house sold which meant my son and his wife have been able to exchange on their fabulous new house. I decided several years ago that I would give them the money, he would nomrally have inherited when I'm dead, now. I want to see them enjoying it and helping them to move into this wonderful house is going to be a joy for all of us. They should be moving the beginning of next month.

I'm also able to visit my beloved husband as long as it's not raining. They bring him in his wheelchair into the front garden of the care home and I can stay for half an hour. I can't see relatives being allowed into the home for months and am dreading the winter when I won't be able to go again. Fortunately, my husband is happy where he is. His care home was one of only three out of sixty in the area that didn't have the virus. This is due to the owners spending a fortune and the manager being fantastic.

On the writing front things are going well. I've lost track of how many books I've written this year because of the lockdown – I think it's 3 or 4 Regencies and two World War II books. It's only the beginning of July so I'm hoping to write at least another four.

I don't know how things are in your part of the world but here we've had the worst death rate in Europe and there's going to be a second wave – no doubt about it – because the government are incompetent and the test and trace system hasn't materialised.

Whatever your government tells you – I really believe that the only way this virus will be beaten is if people socially distance, wear masks when they're out, and follow the rules. The beaches near me were packed – there have been huge demonstrations – neighbours have had parties in the garden – so I don't think they've been following the rules which means the infection will take hold again.

Schools here are still not open and although the government insists that every child will be back in school in September it's not going to happen unless something radical is done. Either the virus is infectious or it isn't – if it isn't then children could be back now – if it is, then I can't see them going back safely at all.

My garden is looking fabulous –  we've had a wonderful hot spring and early summer – no rain for weeks – and I spend an hour or two every day deadheading and watering (when necessary).

Stay safe and don't take chances with your health,

best wishes,

Fenella J Miller

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