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Fenella's Diary


June 2 017

Somehow I missed May's entry to my diary.  On the domestic side things continue to be difficult and the fact that my daughter and family are moving to Caliifornia in September is another thing to deal with.

It has been very hot for the past week and neither I nor my husband deal well with this. On the plus side my little garden, and its many baskets and pots, is flourishing. We also have a much wider vairety of garden birds now after six years of feeding.

Blue and long tailed tits  /wren/blackbirds/doves/ pigeons/

starlings/robins/magpies/jays. We even had a sparrow hawk kill and eat a dove a few weeks ago.

Later this month I'm taking my son, daughter in law and four year old grandson to Legoland for the night. I can't wait. I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful carer for my husband, I couldn't go anywhere at all if wasn't for her.

The first book in my new Ellen's War series – Blue Skies and Tiger Moths is now up and running but not doing as well as I'd hoped. I shall reduce the price later in the month. I have just put Better Bend Than break up on pre-order but I'm not putting it in Kindle Select -I'm in the process of removing all but my thirty Regency titles from this and will be putting my WW2 and Victorian books on all platforms as they come out. Victoria's War should be up on Nook/Kobo etc next week.

For this third book in the Nightingale Chronicles, Better Bend Than Break, I'm going to investigate  Amazon ads.

I've almost finished writing the Christmas book for the winter box set and have just sent the first in a YA paranormal romance series to some 15 year old beta readers. I am going to write the second book as soon as I hear back from them so I have two books ready to go when I decide to publish.

Thing are changing for indie writers so I'm doing my best to adapt to the new circumstances. Whatever happens I won't stop writng - it's what keeps me sane.

I hope you all have an enjoyable month and that's all from me.

Fenella J MIller