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Fenella's Diary



October 2019


I finally moved from Wivenhoe to a small village near Clacton-on-Sea on 16th September. I wasn't sad to leave my old house as I've not been comfortable there since my beloved husband left last December. By the way, he is happy and settled in his new home, has been there for six months, and both he and I love it there.

The move went relatively smoothly thanks to my son and niece, apart from the fact that the large shed that I'd paid for failed to materialise. This meant that all the things from the garage and loft had to go into the garage of an unsold house across the news – about a hundred yards away – and furniture that should have gone in the shed was in my study and other items that should have been in my study were in the garage.

Eventually the shed arrived and in two sessions men from the developers helped by moving it. Unfortunately, I only noticed after it was full that the shed was in the wrong place and now they've got to empty it and move it back 3 inches so the power cable is actually inside the shed and not outside.

I had to unpack – that's not strictly true as family helped me with more than half of it – over a hundred boxes. These then had to be either filled with folded wrapping paper or opened flat and then they all had to be taken to the garage to await collection. They are still awaiting collection.

I now have only one box to empty and that's waiting for my flatpack bookcase to be assembled by my brother when he's recovered from his cold.

I love it here and have no regrets about moving. I can get to Clacton, where my husband is, in twelve minutes instead of thirty. So much better without stairs and even the cat is happy because he's got three times the amount of garden to roam about in.

I'm writing again but not as fast as usual. I should finish the second book in my new Regency series by the end of next week and then must straightaway get on with a World War II novella for a joint effort next May. Then I shall be starting the first book in my new series for Aria – Head of Zeus as that has to be given in by next April.

Until next month

best wishes

Fenella J Miller




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