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Fenella's Diary


August 2017



I can't believe it's August – the nights are drawing in and soon Strictly Come Dancing and Great British Bake Off will be back on our screens.

I'm still putting in new plants where the cat has dug up the old ones or they have finished flowering but I don't think I'll do that anymore.

On the domestic front I just tried the Zoe Harcombe phase 1 – it was horrible but I lost 5 lbs in five days. That wasn't why did it but it was a bonus. I've discovered that nothing I eat apart from gluten causes me problems I would you knew that. I shall continue with phase 2 for a couple of weeks and see if I lose any more weight.

My husband remains as well as can be expected and we both enjoyed the cricket.

On the writing front I have been continuing with the second book in my paranormal romance series but have now put it aside (halfway done) and am getting back to the books that must be written by the beginning of next year. The paranormal books are purely speculative and I won't be publishing them until I've written all five – which might be another year or two. I just needed a change from historical.

I'm going to write the second book in my three book series called "Ellen's War" – An ATA Girl – as the first book has been doing well for me. I then have to write the fifth book in The Duke's Alliance series – A Soldier's Bride and the fourth and final book in The Nightingale Chronicles – All's Well That Ends Well. All these books need to be written, directed, edited, proofed by the beginning of next year. I also have to write a Regency for the Spring box set.

I have just released the fourth in The Duke's Alliance series – An Accommodating Husband – and it it will be on a reduced price until 8th August. It's already in six bestseller charts so pleased about that.

That's all for this month – I hope you have an enjoyable summer holiday if you haven't already had one.

Fenella J Miller