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Fenella's Diary



August 2 018


I enjoyed the RNA conference in Leeds as much for the social networking as the talks and workshops. Sadly I've decided not to go to the next two as they are too far away for me to drive. Leeds was 230 miles each way and that is as far as I'm prepared to go. Unfortunately costs means that they can only hold these conferences way up north.

The final book in The Nightingale Chronicles was successfully released and is ticking over very well. I'm already thinking about my next Victorian series.

The Duke's Bride, the final book in The Duke's Alliance series, will be out sometime this month. Again I will have to come up with a new set of characters and get started on the first book in another six book series in the new year.

The final round of edits for what used to be called Ellen's War, Blue Skies & Tiger Moths, have been done and returned and I still don't know the title of this book and I haven't as yet seen the cover.

It didn't rain here in the UK for 2 1/2 months but this week we've had thunderstorms for a few days but the temperature is now going up again for the weekend.

The Reclusive Duke continued to sell amazingly well, although not at the dizzying heights it did in June – I can hardly believe this little book has done so well and the knock-on effect on my other books has been remarkable.

On the personal front things have not been good. My husband has been very ill, and is still not better, he was rushed into hospital last week. This was traumatic for both of us. Having vascular dementia and no language meant he had no idea where he was or why he was there. He is now on his third lot of antibiotics and I'm hoping these are going to work or he will be back in hospital on a drip.

Hopefully I will have better news next month.

Best wishes

Fenella J Miller











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