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When Colonel Robert Sinclair and his friend Major Simon Dudley arrive unannounced, Annabel Bentley is greatly displeased. She and her mother, Lady Sophia, have been hiding from her stepfather, Sir Randolph Rushton, for years. Unfortunately Rushton is well-known to the colonel.


It is only a matter of time before their whereabouts are revealed and Rushton arrives to snatch them back… unless the two gentlemen prove to be more than chance acquaintances




Eleanor Walters is obliged to marry the irascible, but decidedly attractive, Lord Leo Upminster. A marriage of convenience is better than being destitute, she reasons. Leo, an ex-colonel, is a man used to being obeyed instantly. He finds Eleanor's behaviour infuriating, her beauty irresistible and their agreement not to consummate the marriage increasingly impossible. It is only when he allows his frustration and jealousy to drive her away that he understands what he has lost.


Meanwhile, in her self-imposed exile on a neglected country estate, Eleanor becomes embroiled in riots and treachery. In a desperate race, can Leo save both her life and their marriage?




When Lady Dalrymple, Penelope Coombs great-aunt, accepts Lord Weston’s invitation to join his house party, Penny is most displeased. She was slighted by the Earl of Rushford during her season and has no wish to repeat the experience. Lord Edward Weston, who secretly works for the British government, is searching for the traitor who is smuggling gold to France. Ned suspects the villain is travelling with an air balloon party, so invites the balloonist to his home in order to investigate his suspicions. Penny is almost abducted on her ride over to Headingly Court and this is the beginning of a series of ever more alarming events. James Weston is there to offer his support and comfort. He is charming and not at all arrogant and irascible like his cousin Ned. Will the handsome Frenchman, Count Everex, evade capture or succeed with his nefarious plans?

The Regency Series Boxset One